Do I really need counselling?

You might be wondering if your problems are serious enough to need the help of a counsellor. 

Ultimately counselling can be effective and helpful for anyone, whatever your problem. If you are feeling distress about something and you are struggling to find a positive way forward, then counselling is for you. Taking action now and getting the right support will not only stop things getting worse, but it will also bring greater happiness and meaningful change for the rest of your life.


You certainly do not need to have a mental health diagnosis or be in crisis to come to counselling.

Whatever your difficulty or how serious it feels, I am here for you and ready to listen.

Will it be too expensive?

Counselling can seem an expensive choice to help you solve your problems. But if you consider the long term, permanent benefits you will get from it, it is definitely an investment worth making. Counselling is not a quick fix, but it can be very effective short term, often 4-8 sessions can provide you with real and lasting change in your life. 

Why is it so expensive?

As a therapist I have a lot of expenses to cover. I need to pay for supervision every month, which ensures the quality of my work. I also engage in training every year to ensure I am offering a whole range of skills, experience and knowledge to every client. For example I am trained in EMDR for trauma, and mentalisation based therapy.

There are also more administrative costs such as insurance, professional memberships, resources, advertising, the costs of using online platforms, as well as maintaining good quality technology. 


It is also significant to me that I bring to the table 13 years of experience in the helping professions both in the NHS and privately, and in a range of settings. I am qualified to a high level with a Masters degree in therapy. I also hold a number of other qualifications such as a diploma in advanced mental health. I feel what I charge is appropriate taking into account all these factors.


I do appreciate that affording counselling may be very difficult for many reasons, and therefore I urge you to consider this carefully when deciding who to work with. 

Can I come every other week?


At this time I am only offering weekly therapy. 

Will I have to go into my history? 

There is no expectation you will tell me about your history. We work on what you want to work on, at your pace, and touching only on the issues that you are comfortable with and which feel relevant to why you are coming. 

What happens if I get overwhelmed?

It can be very frightening coming to counselling. You have probably coped on your own for so long that trying something new might provoke feelings of anxiety. You might also worry that talking about things will make them worse, or leave you unable to cope with the demands of your life. That is why I work with you closely to practice strategies to stay calm, manage your emotions, and feel in control at all times. 

Which approach should I chose?

There is a lot of confusing information out there about different approaches which makes chosing a therapist seem really difficult. I believe that finding a therapist who you can trust and feel comfortable with is absolutely key. That is why I do a free discussion over the phone before we meet. You decide whether I am the right person for you. The therapeutic approach I use is about creating a supportive environment for you, and building a strong relationship between us.